Will a US Base Raise the Risk of Terrorism in Australia?

Will a US Base Raise the Risk of Terrorism in Australia?

President Obama visited Australia this week.  It was later announced that Australia will host 2,500 US troops in an effort to increase the presence of the United States in the Asia Pacific region.  Some people believe that this will increase the risk of Australia becoming a target for terrorist acts

Terrorism experts say that this is unlikely to make Australia more of a target than it already is.  Those who are concerned should be aware that the threat of a terrorist act in Australia is always a possibility.  This is true regardless of whether or not Australia houses the US Marines.

Generally attacks are planned to take place in public areas.  Many experts believe that military bases are unlikely to be targeted.  America has numerous bases all over the world.  Experts state that there is no reason why this base would be more of a target than others.

Australia has a close relationship with the United States of America.  Due to this it is always going to be at risk of an attack occurring.  However this can be said for almost every western country in the world.  Those who are concerned should consider the benefits that this agreement would bring both countries. 

Chinese media outlets have printed articles admonishing Australia for this move.  Some believe that the US is placing 2500 troops in Darwin in preparation for an attack by a large Asian country.  Officials have dismissed this as China and Australia have had a relatively good relationship in the past.