October 2011

Obama's Knocking Off Al Qaeda Operatives Like Bowling Pins, Even The American Ones

But what does the American justice system have to say about it? Andrew Cohen with The Atlantic attempts to answer.

It seems like every couple of weeks we get word of another al'Qaeda leader or operative having been assassinated by U.S. military operations. Zawahiri, al-Yazid, al-Rhaman, bin Laden himself, and the latest in the Obama Administration's ever-shrinking hitlist; Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born citizen living abroad that was placed on the administration's hit list last December. Now he's dead and there are questions arising about the legality of the U.S. government assassinating their own citizens (there was another American defector with Al-Awlaki during the drone attack). A recent article in the The Atlantic by CBS News legal analyst Andrew Cohen seeks to analyze the constitutionality of these acts and answer the question; does the government have the right to secretly place an American citizen outside the reach of due process and constitutional liberty? It's the swampy crossroads of domestic and military law where so many issues have been lost to the inexorable suck of a question more easily dismissed than answered.