February 2020

Nuclear Weapons 718 - Even A Limited Nuclear Exchange Would Have A Major Impact On The Oceans And Marine Life

     I have blogged before about the idea of nuclear winter. If there is a nuclear conflict in which at least a hundred nuclear warheads are detonated, the soot, soil and smoke thrown into the atmosphere would shut out sunlight for years and crop failures would kill billions that survived the actual conflict. Now scientists are studying what effect a nuclear war might have on the world’s oceans.

What's Your Favorite Chaffle?

Have you ever made chaffles? Chaffles are a new form of waffles that are made of something ketogenic, usually mozzarella or another type of cheese, combined with eggs and either savory or sweet keto-friendly flavors like herbs, cocoa, peanut butter, etc. with sweeteners. Some even buy pre-flavored sweeteners to make them taste like caramel, coconut, s'mores, peach, etc.


Braintopia is one of those games that gives you a bunch of fun brain challenges that have to be done somewhat quickly, and you get to test out everything from your memory to your coordination and speed. 

You go through a deck of challenges, rapidly solving puzzles to collect tokens while you use your powers of observation, multitasking and other abilities. There are even some sensory games, which makes this one even more unique. It's for 2-6 players, ages 8 and up.

Keto Food Truck in Seattle

Eating ketogenic or a low-sugar diet shouldn't be as hard as it seems, and many people who eat this way already know that you can make most things low-sugar and low-carb with the right ingredients. Many chains like Blaze pizza are catching on, serving keto options for their patrons, but for the most part much of the country still needs to embrace at least cutting the sugar down.